Why your pictures matter!

branding entrepreneur tips Dec 28, 2020

Think of all the things your potential client is seeing before working with you...⁣

✔️ IG posts⁣
✔️  IG story slides⁣
✔️  FB posts⁣
✔️  Pinterest graphics⁣
✔️  Website⁣
✔️  Sales page⁣
✔️  Opt-in pages⁣
✔️  Emails (yep, these can be visual too)⁣

They could be coming from many different places and could land on either one of these.⁣ First impressions are EVERYTHING, especially if someone doesn’t already know you.⁣

Sure, warm and hot leads are easy when you already know them, but what about the cold leads or warm leads whose attention you need to capture?

Let’s get specific... your photo choices can either make or break your website/sales page.⁣

I can’t tell you enough how much harder it is for me to design a website with low quality photos. I hate to have to be the bad guy and tell the client that their pictures are bringing down their page.

The color scheme, aesthetic, quality, and size can ALL affect how your page looks, and how your brand comes across.⁣

Blurry images, small photos, dark lighting, odd colors, and cropped photos of you cut out from a group picture don't send the right message and they won’t keep someone’s attention.⁣ Keep your selfies and cropped photos for social media!

Website photo tips:

1. Focus on quality images⁣
⁣You don’t “have” to hire a photographer. Your iPhone can take great pictures! Ask a friend to take the photos. Show them how to take it for you.⁣

2. Make sure the lighting is good

Natural lighting is best! 


3. Show your face.

Eye contact is CRUCIAL! Especially on websites


4. Plan ahead and choose outfits that match your brand

A lot of my wardrobe is black, white, and pink for a reason!⁣

5. Angles are key

Take close ups and full body shots. Utilize portrait and landscape sizes and leave some space on either side when taking the photo further away. Have options!⁣


6. Take advantage of where you are and what you're wearing!⁣

If you’re not one for dressing up much whenever you DO dress up, take advantage of locations you go to for a quick shot! Doesn’t mean you have to use it, but it helps!

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