Part I: How to Make Money Through Instagram as an Online Coach with Emmy Cornwell

I am super excited to bring one of my best friends on the show in this special two-part series all about making money on instagram as an online coach. This was my very first in-person interview and I know you’re going to get A TON of value out of this two-part series.

Emmy Cornwell is an Instagram Business Coach and Social Selling Expert who teaches and trains on Instagram tips and tricks, marketing, building a personal brand, along with weaving in her faith and more about her journey and success as an entrepreneur in the online space. Emmy will be your new BFF because she brings the party atmosphere, keeps it real, encourages you…all while giving you proven methods and strategies to help you show up on your social media in a way that feels good and natural to you.

Emmy has a master’s degree in Sports Management, but she’s also held jobs as an elementary school librarian and as a server in a pizza restaurant, just to name a few. She’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and she realized while she was working in the health and wellness industry that she was really good at using instagram, and the rest is history. Emmy teaches knowing yourself authentically, building a personal brand, putting the social back in social media, and using instagram and social media as an extension of who YOU are. If you don’t know who you are, how can you truly serve others?


Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

+  What you need to get started on your online business. Do you really need a website or sales page? Why or why not?

+  What kind of content should you be creating? What kind of content creates the most engagement?

+  Common mistakes Emmy sees people making on instagram

+  Content creation hacks and tips


Connect with Emmy:

Instagram: @heyheyemmy

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