Simplify Your Marketing Strategy With Dani Stratmann

Have you developed your marketing strategy? Whether you’re experienced in business or brand new, messy action is fine, but it’s important to make sure that action, messy or otherwise, is going to lead somewhere. 

My guest this week is Dani Stratmann. Dani’s background is in email marketing and funnels, and currently, she is a business coach for online entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers who want to grow their business organically in a simplified way. 

A lot of us start businesses for selfish reasons (like… to make money, duh!), but Dani believes that real success is measured in how you’re impacting the lives of the people who are paying you. Running an online business is more than just being able to work for yourself, and developing your mission and your marketing strategy to convey that mission to your ideal clients is an important component to long term success.


Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

+  Marketing and marketing strategy: what is it? How to share your message with your ideal client.

+  Why showing up consistently online is crucial to your success and to your marketing strategy

+  Why you should build your email list and what to put on your opt-ins and freebie funnels.

+  How to tell if your marketing is working and what metrics to pay attention to


Remember: simple is scalable!


Connect with Dani:

Instagram: @dani.stratmann

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