How to Overcome Your Fear of the Gym

fitness Apr 30, 2018

So you’ve made the decision to go to the gym and work on bettering yourself but you’re not really sure where to start. You feel like everyone is going to judge you while they sit and stare at themselves in the mirror while deadlifting 250 pounds.

The weight machines are foreign to you and there are all sorts of rules. All of these things can be extremely intimidating for someone that is just getting started.

So how do you get over that fear and intimidation?

Compare gyms before joining

Not every gym is the same. For example, Planet Fitness is not only extremely affordable but they pride themselves in no gym intimidation.

Look at the times the gym is open, the type of equipment they offer, and the classes you can take. In fact, most gyms allow you to tour them before you sign the contract so go in and look at a few, see what kind of vibe you get.

Avoid peak hours

When you first start going, go at all different times of the day if possible with your schedule. This will allow you to get a sense of when the gym tends to be a bit busier or slower.

Most gyms are pretty busy early morning and early evening because people go before or after their work day. Not only does avoiding these peak hours help you avoid others, but it also allows you to use all pieces of equipment without having to wait.

Ask for help

Chances are there are workers everywhere you look. Their job is to help you. If you’re unsure how to use a machine, find a personal trainer and ask questions.

It’s better to get the help you need rather than use the machine incorrectly for months on end. Plus it’s the best way to avoid injury.

Bring a friend

There’s nothing quite more motivating than having a gym buddy along side with you. If possible, get a friend to join the gym with you and create a schedule where you both go together.

Not only will this help you stay accountable but you’ll most likely feel a lot more confident with a friend by your side pushing themselves the way you’re pushing yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Now this one seems easier said than done and I get it, trust me. You have to keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere, even those that you see that are in incredible shape.

Focus on your goals and your progress. If you get too caught up in other’s progress, you’ll end up slowing yourself down and not reaching where you want to be.

The gym is meant to be a place where you can focus on your health and push yourself harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself.

Focus on your journey rather than everyone else’s and you will quickly see that the gym is not a scary place but rather a place to push yourself and grow.

Did you have anxiety about the gym? How did you overcome it?

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