My Transformation Story: From Size 30 to 26!


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to lose weight..and you just want to give up?

I tried just about every diet, detox, cleanse and workout program there was when I first started my health and fitness journey. I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to lose weight and was tired of how I looked in the mirror. What frustrated me was the fact that I would lose weight and gain it right back. 

Throughout high school I was always active and didn't really know much about nutrition. I hated lifting or working out (ironic now that I'm a Health and Fitness Coach).

I kid you not, I was in every sport except track: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Dance and Cheerleading. So you'd probably think since I did sports, I was fit and "skinny". Sure, maybe I was fit, but when all the others girls were a size 23-25, I was wearing a size 29 maybe even 30 jeans if I remember right.

When I got to college, I wasn't as active and didn't have any knowledge of how to lose weight or maintain my weight. I started gaining more weight due to the late night snacks or midnight runs to McDonalds after going out and drinking.

I was so insecure about my body and always compared myself to other girls. I was not in a healthy state. I felt so ashamed and never felt like I was good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough. I would avoid going to the beach all the time or at least wear shorts and a tank top, but even that made me insecure.

I would hide it with a smile and laugh, because I was good at that. But at the end of the day when I was by myself, I would have these negative thoughts run through my mind constantly.

Remember the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels?! Yeah I was the one who would grab that DVD and hit it hard for 30 days just to look good in a bikini for spring break! Once I got back, I would go back to my old habits. Sure I would lose weight and I got down to a size 27 but it was a constant cycle of working out and depriving myself to lose weight and gain it right back.

What I didn't know was the reason I kept falling off was because I didn't know how to create healthy habits for myself. I didn't know what foods to eat or why. All I knew was to cut back on carbs and workout harder. 

Thousands of dollars later after nothing really worked, I finally told myself I need help. I needed someone to tell me what to do and hold me accountable. I needed that support!

I hired a coach that gave me a plan that I didn't have to think about. I then started doing my own research because I now knew what to look for.

I went from a size 29 in jeans to a size 26, sometimes even a 25! That made me feel good! Granted it took a few years of trial and error but I got there! I never would've thought I'd be a size 26!

Although I lost inches, I was even more ecstatic about how I felt! No more acne, no more stomach issues, no more headaches AND I could focus so much better! 

I fell in love with the process so much it inspired me to pursue a career in the Health and Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. I wanted others to have that same mind body transformation that I went through!

Since then I've helped many different men and women lose weight and keep it off!

One of my clients was able to walk up the stairs without feeling winded. That's a big deal! Not only did she lose weight but she also got off her blood pressure medication and had more energy to play with her kids!

Another one of my clients was able to cut out soda (we say pop in the Midwest). She went from 4 cokes a day to maybe 1 a week. That's huge! She was able to focus on her work a lot more clearly and was able to cut her sugar cravings!

So let me ask you this:

  • Are you tired of feeling guilty or ashamed of how you look?
  • Are you tired of depriving yourself just to fit in a bikini or a tight dress?
  • Are you tired of plateauing all the time?
  • Are you ready to change all of that and get the body you want and the confidence you deserve?!

I'm here to help you do all of that! Let's stop with the excuses and get you to that end result!

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