Changing Up Your New Year's Resolutions

personal development Jan 01, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a great year and enjoyed reminiscing on the memories of 2017. I feel like I say this every year, but this past year has gone by so fast! I now know what others meant when they said, “The older you get the faster time flies.” I’m so thankful for all the love and support from you all and I hope to bring you more guidance and encouragement as we move forward! I’m looking forward to what God has planned for me this year. 

So I’m sure everyone is thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. My thoughts? Yes, it’s great that you have this big goal or big idea you want to accomplish and now is a good time to do it! 

However, don’t forget to be setting resolutions throughout the year. 

I personally like to set mini resolutions or goals every 90 days. We live in a time of instant gratification as sad as that sounds. Setting short term goals for 90 days gives you a sense of hope and determination as well as that gratification at the end of 90 days instead of waiting a whole year. It’s attainable and maintainable. For example, if I set a goal to lose 50 lbs by the end of the year, I would fall off because I’m so focused on that big number of 50 lbs instead of breaking it down into increments of 10lbs every 12 weeks. It’s a lot easier and less overwhelming to focus on losing that first 10 lbs and moving on to the next 10 lbs and so forth. This is just one example, but you get my point. 


My CHALLENGE to you is to make a goal for the next 90 days. 

Grab a pen and paper. Write it out! Feel free to write your goal in the comments below to hold each other accountable! (wink wink)

What is one goal that you want to accomplish in the next 90 days? 

  • How will you feel once you reach that goal?
  • How will you feel if you don’t reach that goal?
  • What’s the worst thing that will happen if you don’t reach that goal?

Although emotion isn’t the only thing that matters when achieving your goals, it does play a big part. Dig deep. Find your why behind the goal. For example, losing 10 lbs is rarely ever about those 10 lbs. It’s what’s behind those 10 lbs that motivates you. For example, it could be losing weight to be able to run around with your kids or because your health is at risk or wanting to feel more confident in your bikini. There’s always an emotion behind it if you are willing to find your why. 

I do know that a common goal for everyone is getting back into shape or losing the holiday weight after the new year so don’t worry, I got you covered! 

I’m excited to share with you my FREE checklist to reset your health for 2018! 

It will help get you on the right track to:

  • boost your metabolism
  • start losing weight
  • feel more vibrant and energized
  • feel more confident
  • living healthier lifestyle

Click HERE to download your checklist! 

For those of you who want to take the extra step after completing the checklist, I’ve included the details for my 2 week meal plan in the link provided. If for some reason you don’t see it, HERE is the link for the second step to refresh your health. 

I hope you all have a great start to 2018 and crush your goals! 

As always, thanks for reading!

XO Courtney Marie


Photo Credit: Reflections Portraits


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