6 Things You Need Before Hiring a Web Designer

Ok... you've either launched an online business or you want to launch one soon. You want a website and you want to hire a designer NOW. 

Pump the breaks! How do you know if you're ready to hire a web designer? Here are 6 things you NEED to have ready before you hire a web designer. 


1️⃣ Clarity on who your ideal client is

If you don’t know who you’re targeting you’re not ready to invest in a website, period. How does your designer know who to target when it comes to the design or branding if you don’t know? Brand strategy is the first step to building your brand!

2️⃣ Brand colors, fonts, logos aka “brand guide” and images you want used for your website

After brand strategy comes your brand assets. Any designer you work with needs to know what your brand is and how you feature your brand across different platforms through your colors, fonts, logos and images. If you don’t have this, it usually can be added on to your package before the website.

3️⃣ An overall goal you want for your website

What’s the purpose of your website? What action do you want your visitors to take when they land on your website? If there’s no goal for the website I’ll usually recommend that we start with a sales page to promote your top performing offer first.

4️⃣ Copy written for each page that you plan on having on your website

Whether you write the copy or have a copywriter write it for you, you’ll need this done before the web designer takes over. Another reason why you need to know who you’re speaking to. Most of our clients use the guides/framework we give them to write their own copy.

5️⃣ A flexible deadline

Plan accordingly. Ex. We book 1-2 months in advance and our websites take 6-8 weeks to complete. If you need a website in June then you’d want to book now for April/May. This is common among other designers as well. Websites need that TLC ☺️

6️⃣ A decent budget

This is another topic but in short, a custom website comes with a decent budget of at least $3k+. Just know that the VALUE of your website outweighs the investment 💯 $3k to make $10k+?!💰 That’s a pretty good deal! If you have a lower budget, you can always look into a DIY solution.

What questions do you have about investing in a web designer?


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