4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

nutrition Oct 29, 2018

We all hate fat. Some of us don’t even want to talk about it. Don’t bring up the F word!

Before I go on, I do want you to know that some fat is healthy for our body. It needs a little meat to hang on to in order to function properly.

It’s when it gets to be too much fat that we need to be more concerned, especially around our midsection.

Did you know that excess belly fat can actually lead to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease?

Most of us focus on how we want to look, which is fine but that only gets us so far.

We don’t really think about our “health” until it’s too late or we know someone who had a health scare.

I could tell you that excess belly fat can lead to health risks and all that like I just mentioned above, but how would you react?

You’d probably consider your health for maybe the next few minutes or hours but go right back to your old habits putting it off to the side.

Or you’d probably be like me years ago, “Oh wow…(thinking for a minute)...okay but how do I fit into a size 4?”.

Heck, if I titled this post, "Belly fat can increase health risks", would you read it?

Maybe, maybe not. But you're definitely going to read how to lose belly fat because we all care about that.

So let’s say I told you, if you don’t lose 20 lbs you’re going to get type 2 diabetes and have to be on medication within the next year, how would you react to that?

Probably an “Oh shit, I need to do something about this”.

By that time, you're going to have to make a lot more changes than you would've had to make in the beginning.

Wouldn’t you rather make small changes now instead of big changes later?

So what are some ways we can get rid of that fat around the middle?!

4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Here are four ways you can start losing belly fat today:

1. Cut out processed food (this one’s a big one)

Not only does it decrease your waistline but it also helps get rid of bloating.

Think about it, the packaged foods that we all love had to have come from somewhere.

A potato doesn’t just naturally turn into a chip. It has to be broken down, processed and mixed with other “Fillers” to taste good, look good and last longer.

These fillers tend to be extra sugar, hydrogenated oils, starch, etc.

So limiting or cutting out the packaged foods will help you start trimming that waistline in no time.

2. Cut out sugary drinks like soda, alcohol, coffee, etc.

Sugar is probably one of thee most harmful ingredients that affects our health.

All of these drinks are liquid sugars which is EVEN WORSE!

Your brain doesn’t register liquid sugar the same as solid calories so when you’re drinking sugary drinks, you start craving more food and end up eating more calories overall.

I remember when I cut out pop (midwest term), I dropped 10 lbs just from that!

To this day, I still choose water because I rather eat my calories than drink them.

3. Eat more protein

Protein not only helps build muscle (which in turn burns fat) it also helps you decrease cravings.

It can increase your metabolism and decrease your hunger levels.

4. Drink more water

There’s so many benefits to water, yet it’s a challenge for most of us to get enough water in for the day.

Water helps keep you full and energized.

It helps you stay focused so you don’t have those crashes that lead to cravings.

It also helps flush out toxins and keep you regulated.


So there you have it, 4 ways to lose belly fat so you don't have to make big changes later on in life.

I want you to CHOOSE one to focus on and go from there.

Which ONE will you work on starting TODAY? 

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Thanks for reading


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