10 Healthy Snacks for the Summer

nutrition May 14, 2018

Summer is almost here! Time for vacations, fun activities, fun foods and drinks. Wow that went by so fast, anyone agree?!

With so many fun summer activities it can be hard to stay on track and eat healthy. So here's some healthy snacks to keep in mind when you're on the go!

Fruit Salad:

➽ High Intake of Antioxidants - protecting our bodies from aging and diseases

➽ Increase of vitamins (boost energy), minerals and fiber

➽ Mainly consists of water - which means little caloric intake - helping us to keep our weight in the goal range

➽ Helps us to have healthy skin and hair


These amazing foods are high in protein, minerals, healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and keep us satiated for longer periods of time

➽ Antioxidants help us control free radicals - combating oxidative stress - so that stress cannot harm our cells

➽ Help promote weight loss

➽ Help lower cholesterol and Triglycerides

➽ Help reduce inflammation and are a good source of fiber


➽ Antioxidant

➽ It is a fruit and a vegetable (I bet you didn’t know this one)

➽ Fills you up fast and it's mostly water

Veggies + Hummus:

Hummus is amazing for your digestive system as are veggies

➽ Cardiovascular health and muscular functions

➽ Very beneficial for inflammation

➽ Veggies help reduce many chronic diseases

➽ Veggies are vital for the health maintenance of your organs and low in caloric intake

Protein Bites:

➽ Keep us full longer 

➽ Helps with proper functioning of enzymes & hormones - providing us with cellular and muscular benefits

➽ Very strong immune defenses and can also be used as energy if needed

➽ Contains multiple chains of amino acids - considered the building blocks of our lives

Apple + Nut Butter:

Contains macro and micronutrients with small amounts of vitamins and nutrients

➽ Gives you 4.5 grams of fiber + protein from the nut butter

Smoked Salmon + Triscuit Crackers:

Salmon can help increase your metabolism and who doesn’t want that?? Right …. Lol

➽ Helps lower blood sugar levels in return keeping diabetes at bay

➽ This food product is one of the best sources of Omega - 3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA)

➽ Triscuits are flavorful and there are many different kinds to select

➽ Triscuits contain a lot of fiber - which can help protect against cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease, give a feeling of fullness, keeps us fuller longer and the combo of salmon and triscuits is totally delicious!

Acai Bowl:

Acai bowls have high amounts of antioxidants and (immune stimulant) healing natures

Assists our bodies digestion, improving our cellular health, anti - aging effects and boost energy

Improves mental function and helps us lose weight

The taste is so yummy and can be eaten for any meal

Guacamole + Tortilla Chips:

The added health benefits in guacamole come from avocados - but guacamole is full of Vitamin E and folate

You can prepare this meal in so many ways - especially with tortilla chips - everyone’s favorite way

This is cheap, easy to make and you can add tons of other veggies to accompany the avocado taste

You can now purchase grain free tortilla chips which make it even better


Smoothies are so much fun to make, there are so many colorful variations and depending upon ingredients they can keep you full for several hours

Full of antioxidants, low in sugar, high in protein and ice makes the texture super cool to eat

Provides us with daily essential vitamins and nutrients

An easy way to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and smoothies are so simple to make and the benefits outweigh the expensive cost of the products needed to maintain optimum wellness -- who doesn’t want all of this in one swoop?

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